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As a trauma survivor and someone who finds it difficult to navigate through emotional hurdles I was happy to come across such a compassionate reiki healer. What I appreciate about her reiki session is the way she tailors it to meet my specific needs. I feel very safe in her space and always walk away feeling refreshed as if a weight was lifted off of me!
I was balanced entirely with myself or spiritually. A friend highly recommended Ivelise and her service as a Reiki healer. My first reiki session with Ivelise helped me find closure with my presence of losing someone very close to me. I also experience a balance within myself. In my second reiki session, I was searching for my inner voice to speak my truth. Within the same week, I was able to feel confident and free to speak openly without holding back. Ivelise is an amazing Reiki healer, which you can find healing spirituality and balance within yourself with Ivelise Reiki session.
I must start by saying that I was a bit of a skeptic about the healing powers of Reiki. I believed that there could be an energetic shift but I never thought that the chronic pain on my shoulder could be healed. After my FIRST session with Ivelise I realized that the long standing pain in my shoulder was completely GONE. This was completely unexpected and not what I went in for. That said, Ivelise  has also helped me journey into some deep parts of myself and get back to the core of who I am. She has assisted in providing spiritual and mental clarity and has given me strength and hope which has allowed me to take steadfast action into manifesting a life I love. Ivelise is a REAL DEAL healer. I believe that with every part of my being. ~Stiliani 
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