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The New Moon Scoop 11-22-22-12-22-22

Sagittarius Full Moon


With the New Moon in Sagittarius today after 3:00pm, this month is about reimagining what is possible. New Moon equals New Beginnings and for the next few weeks, it’s energy will be a conductor of positive change. This new moon is about finding your authentic path, perhaps even a new one, that is more aligned with your true desires. “Every new beginning comes from another beginnings end.” So with love and compassion, give yourself permission to set new intentions for these next few weeks that will support your greatest outcomes in mind.

The intention is to trust yourself and be guided by your intuition. It continues until winter solstice, making this a great time for finding balance and harmony, connecting with community or your “soul tribe” and manifestation. It’s a great time to take healthy risks that will help elevate your spirit. It is also a great time to tap into generosity-donate to those in need, give without expectations. Also, tap into your self care routine-how can you be more generous to yourself? Luck is on your side, good vibes are coming in with the tides pretty strong this time around. So if you’ve doubted yourself or trying something new , now is the time to embark on your passion.

Writing Prompts:

Has fear held you back from going after your desires?

In what ways can you release these fears?

Can you imagine yourself living your best life?

If so, what would it require to shift gears into that direction?

How can we create a plan that will allow us grace in taking the small steps needed for these changes?

What are some ways you can be generous to others in the next upcoming weeks?

What are some self-care routines to show yourself love and generosity as well?

Simple New Moon Ritual:

Light a candle, cleanse your space and listen to some music. If it feels good, dance a little and embrace your image in the mirror. Then, take out your journal and pencil. Begin to list 11 to 22 things that bring you joy. Once you're done, select one of these actions that you will commit to in the next few weeks. Be sure to select something that will be an agent of positive change and manifestation for your highest good!

Wishing you all a beautiful new moon with space for growth, change and new beginnings!

With Love,


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