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Strawberry Full Moon

This June’s full moon falls on the 3rd and reaches its official fullness at 11:42 p.m. EST.  The name “strawberry moon” comes from the time of year in North America when it is the peak time to harvest strawberries. Indigenous people from North American honor the new moon harvest of the sweet and ripe fruit. Even now, the moon’s bright illumination extends the available harvesting hours for farmers who want to take advantage of this annual peak late into the night in order to pick this sweet and delicate fruit. Traditionally, strawberries could never be sold, but only picked, harvested, traded or gifted by a tribe or Elder. Strawberries have great symbolism and significance in the Native American culture and remind us that spirituality and nature should not be capitalized on but shared as an ancient tradition.

From an astrological lens, this full moon lands during Gemini season and is ruled by Cancer. When we combine both Gemini and Cancer energy together, what we are left with is a period of heightened curiosity, energy, and spiritual intensity. Cancer is a water sign which invites waves of emotion and deep sentimental feelings. It is also a time for nurturing and embracing family. Enjoy this weekend with some time for self-reflection and self-care. Harvest the fruits of your labors both in and out of the garden. Celebrate the full moon with music, dance, journaling relaxation or whatever you’re being called to do. If you have access to a garden, perhaps take some time to honor La Tierra and remember parts of you that may be lost.

Here are some activities and ideas on how to spend your full moon:

  1. Quality family time

  2. Gardening

  3. Cooking

  4. Journaling

  5. In the Beach or near the Ocean waves

  6. Drumming and eating strawberries

  7. Essential Oils Bath, Massage or therapeutic type yoga

  8. Tarot card readings!

Whatever you do, enjoy the free time and honor our ancestors. Let’s remember what it was when the land and its harvests was truly respected, loved and cared for. How will you nurture your garden?

Peace and Love,

Ivelise Namaste

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