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Pink Full Moon

Blessed Full Pink Moon! Feeling the Cosmic Vibes Cruising? Feeling optimistic with the possibility of personal growth and spiritual transformation? This energy is expanding those seeds of intentions and wishes you planted over the winter, now germinating and slowly rising into existence with the spring breeze and sun. Now is the time to overcoming adversity and unlocking our inner God(dess) 👑!

This Full Moon glowing in the sign of Libra symbolizes harmony with an opportunity to soften and grow through relationships with others and with ourselves! April Full Pink moon in Libra will bring a sense of healing that goes beyond the self. This is a great time to connect with the closest people in your circle, and release stagnant energy! It is also perfect timing to work on balance, commitment, justice, and reciprocity.  This is a time to lay frustrations to rest since emotional balance is more important than any aggravations that have caused stagnant energy.

Have you been thinking a lot about money 🤑 and how to invest or grow it? This energy also serves as a good time to consider financial balances-paying off debt, creating plans for the future, investing carefully and considering ownership. Take advantage of this time of clarity to create a master plan and get it started.

Now is a good time to reflect on: Which relationships inspire us to be our best selves? What limiting beliefs can you release? What have you achieved up to this point? What commitments or intentions did you set this past winter or New Moon? How is it going? Now is a checkpoint to reflect and consider what is needed to bring that balance and strength needed to bring our visions to fruition. Allow your inner spirit to flow freely and stretch your crown up to the highests mountains of your inner-Queendom.

Give back to Earth. Take a moment of gratitude and nurture those seedlings you planted during the New Moon. Write down your releases and burn them away under the Pink Glowing Luna. May you be well, May you be happy, May you be free.



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