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New Moon In Pisces: Grow and Transcend

Well, Hello Pisces New Moon! I must personally share that I’ve been experiencing strong revelations and shifting happening. If you’ve been doing the work, the universe has been unveiling truths that inspire growth and transcendental experiences. It might feel at times like life is pushing you away but in reality-it’s pushing you towards growth and transformation! This New Moon grounds us in to healing, committing, and celebrating relationships. You may feel a beautiful shift in romantic and creative energy. This particular new moon is in Pisces and it encourages us to fill up our own cups! You’ll crave more time for your favorite playlists, bubble baths, maybe some fine dining and time with friends, sex—everything euphoric.

Some of us are experiencing spiritual awakenings, tapping into psychic connections and practices. This New Moon is extra mystical and intuitive. This energy will heighten our senses of passion and the desire to explore deep emotions. The vibe will strengthen existing healthy relationships and establish new partnerships. The past couple of months has been shining light on relationships (particularly with relatives) that are not reciprocating needs or demonstrating the genuine love and care we deserve that supports our greatest purpose. We want people in our lives that cheer us on and are happy for our growth…so...this energy is asking us to release our shortcomings- and celebrate Creative Energy in our lives that encourage our transcendental journey and demonstrate true joy and happiness for your growth. We are encouraged to find partnership and “family” in those who offer connection, comfort and support -to release ideas and perceptions of ties we once yearned that are harmful. Spiritual awakening is a beautiful journey but also a lonely one and painful at times but necessary. We work with all aspects of ourselves-angelic realms, shadow-self, inner child, etc. and identify what is helping us elevate versus sink. If you’re like me and coming across some painful truths, refocus your attention and energy and the blessings and beautiful beings that surround you. This has been empowering for me and actually helping me break toxic cycles. These cords are being released for your ultimate freedom and greatest purpose. Do not be afraid.

For this New Moon, here are some suggestions:

Join a New Moon Circle and share your hopes and dreams

Connect with other light beings and Huemans who truly love you

Charge Your Crystals and take a nice bubble bath with essential oils

Practice Self Care and Sensual Touch with your partner…you won’t regret it!

Peace, Love and Happy Manifesting!


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