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New Moon in Aquarius

Today marks for the first new moon of the new calendar year and it is perfect timing for rejuvenation. With Pluto exploding into Aquarius, the sign of humanity-we’ve faced a few challenges these past couple of years-COVID, injustices, racism. Yet, at the same time we are manifesting decolonization on multiple levels, raising voices and attention to matters of inequality and injustice, normalizing rest and recovery, and reconnecting with community and tribes. Although I do feel that we need more of this-now is the time! This new moon is centered around standing up for what you believe in, visualizing how you will play a role in the betterment of humanity and ultimately, our planet. Around 4PM EST today, try to dedicate time and space to journaling about the change you wish to see in your world. It is a great time to drop the power struggles and consider win-win situations, burn away the past (literally 😜), detox the self, the mind and humanity! During this phase  healers, shamans, practitioners, astrologers to do regular work and find commitment to their work (me please! 🥰). Clean your home, cleanse your body, light the sage, clear your mind and practice some freedom writing. How may I truly be free? What does it look like and sound like? Who can help me cultivate spaces of freedom? How can I advocate for my freedom and that of others? ☮️🌍💜

Peace & Love

Ivelise ✨

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