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Manifesting Through Our Hands

With the New Moon energy still in the air and filled with abundance and good luck, it's the perfect time to work towards those declarations you made on the New Moon. One way to manifest, is to consistently declare and journal your visualizations. Writing is a powerful practice as this expression is connected to the heart. It is important to bring attention and care to the seeds you have planted and water them daily. Here are some writing prompts to get you started. Each day for the next two weeks, pick one prompt. Give yourself atleast 5 minutes to respond and write your declarations and affirmations in the end. Write them as if what you wish to accomplish is already happening! I would also suggest collecting some ocean or river water this Memorial Day weekend and allowing it to sit by your window for some moon bathing. This will charge up the water with the moon's energy, you can then use this water in many ways!

I hope your wishes unfold and blossom!

1. In what ways will your intentions help you flow with the cycle of the nature and the moon? How will you commit to manifesting this flowing relationship?

2. Describe or sketch the most serene place in the world for you at this time. What do you smell, taste, hear and feel?

3. Have I been holding onto something that I need to let go of? How might I release and transmute this energy today?

4. What practices can I do to bring more joy into my life? Why is this important?

5. How can you celebrate yourself today? In what ways can you relate this celebration to the intentions you are setting for the future?

6. How might you practice self-care?

7. Make a list of 5-10 things that you are grateful for. How do these things make you smile?

Peace & Love


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