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Blessed Full 🌝 in Leo

How are you feeling this Full Moon?

This Full Moon is a beautiful combination of bravery, confidence and revolution with Pluto Transit.  It is a true celestial marvel. The brave and expressive Leo energy gives a lovely balance between lunar and solar energies. It is also a lovely balance between emotions and ego. You may experience heightened emotions, creativity, and self-expression.

You may be seeking acknowledgement, recognition, affection, and creative expression. It’s a time to celebrate individuality and to recognize the importance of our personal contributions to the world. It’s a good time to spark some fiery artistic energy and romantic.  On the other hand, the shadow aspect of this is reflecting on excessive pride, stubbornness, and a need for attention. If you are sensing any of these emotions, it is a good time to journal and consider how to release these negative perspectives and tap into your creativity. With the Aquarian energy, it’s also a good time to focus on humanity, spiritual development and over all advancement!

Recommended Rituals

Release and Set Fire to those shadows!

Embrace Courage and Confidence

take risks where we seek recognition

Enjoy art, music, & other ways of expression

Pull some oracle or tarot cards

  • What am I letting go of this full moon?

  • How is the full moon in Leo giving me heart-centered courage?

  • How are the Uranus and Pluto transits creating revolutionary change for me?

Wishing you a beautiful evening glowing under its radiant flow of love.


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