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Get The Inside Scoop on the Super Sea Goat New Moon 🦋

Farewell 2022! Welcome 2023!

Have you been feeling the calling?

The last new moon of the year will help us reconnect with our true purpose in life. Speaking from my own experience, the last half of this year has been a great tester of my authenticity. How do Eye embody my true self while still sustaining the needs of my family? How do I step into my power in order to shine and share my gifts and greatest purpose in life?

We fulfill many purposes in life that build upon one another like a pyramid guiding you towards to highest state. Personally, when door feels ready to close-it’s probably because there are steps awaiting your arrival. Listen.

This Super new moon in Capricorn is

charged with great karmic levels, symbolizing new beginnings and the start of a new chapter. Strongly connected to last month’s New Moon, it will continue to lead US towards unlocking the answers to our hearts ultimate desires. We are one. The greater the force, the greater the results.

This is also the second Capricorn New Moon of 2022. The Capricorn Sea Goat was is a mythical creature that can swim to the depths of the seas and climb to the tallest mountains, giving it a unique perspective and wisdom. But, the Sea Goat is also at physical disadvantage-without fins. This can make it extra challenging for the Sea Goat, but through learning and some persistence, it can embrace all the gifts life has to offer. Sound familiar?

Do you resonate with the lessons of the Sea Goat? I sure do -for me it’s a calling to embrace my “weaknesses” and use them for my strengths. It makes me reflect on the versions of me that are of greatest service to the land, to my loves and to all.

The Sea Goat reminds us that we are each unique and special beings. We all have our talents; we all have our skills, and when we learn to harness them, we can experience the rewards that they have to offer.

The Sea Goat owns its own body, its own talents, and its own power. How can you step in and claim your power under the Capricorn New Moon? How can you rise up despite your perceived flaws and shortcomings and connect with your right to pursue whatever calls to your heart and soul?

Coincidently, Chiron, the asteroid known as the wounded healer, has chosen to finally emerge from this cycle. Chiron is known as the wounded healer for it, like the Sea Goat, has learned to take what it has been given and turn it into a strength and power.

Chiron was abandoned at birth, leading to suffering, trauma, and deep wounding. But over the years, Chiron has learned to use his wounds and traumas as powerful portals of healing. Sound relatable?

Our purpose lives within us, not outside of us. It comes in silence, internal reflection and growth and in many shapes and forms.

Set an intention to connect with all of who you are, for that is where you will find your inner flame. That is where you will connect with what your soul came here to do.

Sending Peace & Power as you dance into the new year with grace 💕



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