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Blessed Imbolc

Blessed Imbolc

I recently decided to give my milk from a Kambo ceremony back to Earth, divine mother, Pachamama. After conducting some research and during my studies of the moon, I realized that this offering overlapped closely with the Pagan celebration of Imbolc, the "Feast of Purification". It is for this reason that I’ve decided to sacrifice some of my own milk in the name of the healing Kambo medicine that helped purify me, and in honor of Imbolc. Here were my findings:

Imbolc, is a celebration and traditionally a time when cattle were celebrated because their milk was beginning to come in for their calves to be born in the spring. This is why milk is a  symbol for celebrating Imbolc.

Sadly, nowadays cow are impregnated for their milk and have their babies taken from them immediately at birth without a chance to feed and nurture their babies.

Cows are highly maternal animals. Due to this, they often represent fertility and mother goddesses in ancient civilizations.

In ancient times, by Imbolc -these animals will have already birthed their young and their milk would be flowing. Milk was sacred food and mother’s milk was especially valuable, having healing powers. The cow is symbolic of the sacredness of motherhood, the life-force sustained and nourished. I give thanks for the blessings bestowed upon me and ability to be able to provide for my young. I give thanks and honor divine feminine, including the patroness of poetry, Brigid , the symbolic sacred cows and Earth mother. Stay tuned for a separate blog on Brigid, goddess of poetry and her relation to Imbolc. Peace and love 💕

Ivelise Namaste 🕉️

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