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Ivelise is a Nuyorican Afro-Latinx poet, creatrix,  special needs teacher and healer. Ivelise’s mission is to share gentle modalities that will hearten others deeper into their healing journey and spiritual expansion. With trauma informed training in yoga and reiki, she encourages others to become self-healers by teaching them practices that will nurture their spirituality, physical temples, as well as their emotional wellness. She enjoys sharing her practices with all age groups interested in beginning their healing journey. Her goal is to encourage others to overcome challenges, activate ancestral healing, explore self-expression, while holding space for community.



A Poet's Journey
I write to empower voices for so many- including myself. Writing is a form of therapy and resistance. It is a practice in reclaiming our liberation through self-expression.  Poetry is a form of art- I dance through the rhythm in of my heartbeat into the ink that codes history. Each time I exercise my freedom of speech, I change the narrative for myself and generations before me. If you're seeking inspiration to create and transform, check out Nelumbo and allow it to unfold into a thousand petals. 


As a trauma survivor and someone who finds it difficult to navigate through emotional hurdles I was happy to come across such a compassionate reiki healer. What I appreciate about her reiki session is the way she tailors it to meet my specific needs. I feel very safe in her space and always walk away feeling refreshed as if a weight was lifted off of me!

Ivelise is the light of my life that was missing. Ivelise was my very first experience with Reiki. With her  passion, knowledgeable, trust, patience and teaching of Reiki, my life has changed for the best and is at peace. She introduced me and has open my heart to a very different stage in my life. Thank you Ivelise for being an outstanding human with a beautiful soul and love. Namaste 

I was balanced entirely with myself or spiritually. A friend highly recommended Ivelise and her service as a Reiki healer. My first reiki session with Ivelise helped me find closure with my presence of losing someone very close to me. I also experience a balance within myself. In my second reiki session, I was searching for my inner voice to speak my truth. Within the same week, I was able to feel confident and free to speak openly without holding back. Ivelise is an amazing Reiki healer, which you can find healing spirituality and balance within yourself with Ivelise Reiki session.

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