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Lotus Love is dedicated to offering transformative practices that ignite creative life force energy to emerge into the purest form of love. These healing modalities includes a series of healing practices, each crafted to activate mindfulness, self-awareness and empowerment. 

Our offerings include: 

Reiki Level 1 Attunements 

Reiki Sound Healing Meditations

Private Reiki Sessions

Private and Community Yoga 

Cosmic Consultations & Natal Chart Readings 

Community Detox Support Group



Join me in exploring and establishing self-healing routines, such as reiki healing, mediation, vision creation, journaling, mindfulness, sound healing, medical astrology consultations and yoga. Liberate yourself and take the next steps towards self-love and ascension!

Unfold into a thousand beautiful petals & Find your lotus gem!

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Enjoy this vinyasa flow that includes a warm up to align the chakras, sun salutations, forward folds, back bends and hip openers. Purchase the Flow with Nature yoga series here.

We offer various yoga videos for purchase including our prenatal series, Flow with Nature Vinyasa Yoga, and more. 

Flow with nature
Yoga Trailer 

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